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News from Baden-Württemberg: What would you ask the politicians of your region if you got 90 minutes with them?

Workshop 8 Jugend trifft Politik

What would you ask the politicians of your region if you got 90 minutes with them?

On Friday, 17th September 2021 during the “State Conference on Development Policy”, over 300 members of the active community gathered in front of their screens to discuss the future of development policy in Baden-Württemberg.

In nine workshops, different topics were discussed and demands for the next years phrased. In one of them young people got the chance to talk to the State parliament parties’ spokesperson for development cooperation. Two Mindchangers projects were part of the panel, presented the problems they are facing in their work and introduced their projects funded by the DEAR programme.

One of the implementing organization, Ars narrandi e.V., realized early on that young people need to be addressed on a personal level. Therefore, its project gives the young generation with a background of migration and diversity the chance to talk about their stories. The aim is to foster understanding and acceptance. The first workshop-question concerned the barriers of involving young people politically and how each spokesperson thought to improve this issue. The answers included to be transparent on what is achievable for a young person, starting projects that address the lives of the young population such as the Mindchangers project by ars narrandi e.V. and recognizing youth engagement more. Global justice such as issues concerning climate and migration are important parts of Mindchangers.

In a second part young people wanted to know what the spokesperson saw as the most important aims in development policy for this legislative period. The importance of young people as a foundation, the local level as facilitator and the Agenda 2030 as a framework were mentioned.

Another project funded through Mindchangers is implemented by Afrokids international e.V. The project combines sustainable consumption, climate change and innovative education formats. Through these measures, young people will co-create innovative formats for awareness raising in Baden-Württemberg. When asked which measures could support the aims of this project, a spokesperson named sustainable purchases in the public sector.

One outcome of the conference is that Baden-Württemberg will put an emphasis on youth engagement and Mindchangers play a central part. All 11 Mindchangers projects will be starting between October and December 2021 and will help young people to share their ideas and perspectives on climate and migration issues.

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