Mindchangers is a European project aimed at improving the capacities of Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations in launching projects and activities to engage youth in the big challenges of our era: climate change and migrations.

Climate Change is a threat for societies all over the world, but often its major consequences are in countries and territories that have less contributed to the phenomenon. It is also one of the causes of migration, along with poverty, conflicts, and inequalities. Migration itself is a global challenge that has effects locally. More and more people are on the move. This requires a better understanding of the phenomenon, fighting the root causes and a collective effort towards inclusion.

It is a lot of work but that is why we must join forces – citizens, institutions, companies, governments – for the achievement of sustainable development and just and equal societies.

To better address the issues the engagement of European citizens is needed: Mindchangers was born to support Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations with this task, innovating their way to talk to youth, to involve them as agents of change. This is essential, as young people are the driving forces and motivation for the whole society.

The objective of Mindchangers will be achieved through three main activities:

The launch of two calls for proposals in the six European regions involved, to fund projects implemented by the Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations. Mindchangers plans to fund between 100 and 150 local projects involving the youth.

The enhancement of skills and mutual learning between Local Authorities and civil society organizations in the six European regions about how to engage young people and how to communicate messages and results about climate change and migrations. This activity is carried out through an interregional research on how to switch from “awareness” to “active engagement” and capacity building meetings.

A pan-European, innovative campaign, youth-oriented, aimed at raise awareness and engagement, built together by communication experts and youth, both online and in the field; the campaign plans to reach three million EU citizens (of whom over 20% between 15 and 35 years old) and to inform them about the activities of the project.

Mindchangers is funded by the European Commission within the Development Education and Awareness Raising programme. The project is realized by Regione Piemonte in partnership with Consorzio Ong Piemontesi (IT), Baden-Württemberg and SEZ (DE), RESACOOP (FR), La Rioja and CONGDCAR (ES), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (BE), University of Craiova (RO).