It is relevant for Mindchangers to define the best practices for the most effective ways for communication and engagement of youth about topics related to climate change and migration.

Youth engagement on the 2030 agenda

More and more young people are recognized as agents of development and change and, as such, as essential contributors to the 2030 Agenda. This practical guide identifies means for fostering the shift from awareness to engagement of young people.

Mindchangers Youth Declaration

Appeals and Proposals by Young People for a Sustainable Future.

Change is nothing without you(th)

This toolkit collects advocacy instruments, media and local actions to address issues related to migration and climate change. The tools were developed by the participants of Mindchangers Generation international youth meeting in Turin (2022).

How to shift from awareness to active engagement on the 2030 Agenda

This research identifies the elements that could increase the impact of LAs’ and CSOs’ initiatives on the level of awareness and engagement of young citizens. It includes the results of research activity carried out in the six target regions.