International meeting on youth engagement, migration and climate change 4 | 5 | 6 October 2022, Turin

Mindchangers taught us that migration and climate change are global challenges with local effects. Young people, local authorities and civil society organizations are working on these two issues to create a just and sustainable society.

The mindchangers Generation grown up at the International Youth Meeting in Turin!

After two years of activities, Mindchangers from all the European partner regions looked forward to meet in person in Turin (Italy), in the amazing frame of the historical city center, for the first international event of the project. The event took place in October 2022, from the 4th to the 6th.

The occasion has been a big step for Mindchangers’ activities, following the same path of the whole project itself, with the goal of promoting and strengthening the cooperation between youth, Local Authorities, and Civil Society Organizations on the topics of migrations and climate change.

During the three days of the event, more than 150 people have been involved in the activities designed to take part in elaborating outputs and results of the activity sessions that will be shared in Mindchangers’ channels of communications.

Young people play a key role in facing the issues related to the topics of migrations and climate change locally as well as at an international level in an inclusive and proactive way. They can contribute to enhancing the comprehension of the community and public opinion on the two topics of the project. This is why they have been protagonists of the three days, taking part in the activities organized in three main sessions: KNOW, ACT, CHANGE: the three steps towards becoming Mindchangers.

Hard work has been mixed with moments of relax, such as the happy hours and DJ set for networking and fun. In line with Mindchangers’ values, though, all the activities of the event were as sustainable as possible: plastic-free, including reusable materials, low amount of paper, promotion of recycling, and consumption of local and seasonal food.

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Let’s be the Mindchangers Generation!

Here is the Mindchangers Generation!