THE FUTURE WILL THANK YOU - Mindchangers social media contest

Young people worldwide are actively contributing to a more sustainable and fairer world through their actions, making a significant difference despite challenges.

Let's dive into Mindchangers visual journey!

Join us on this visual journey as we unravel how Mindchangers empowers youth to become global change-makers.

International Youth Meeting Turin 2022

International meeting on youth engagement, migration and climate change 4 | 5 | 6 October 2022, Turin.

A session to present the study Développement durable&migration about youth engagement

RESACOOP organized a conference session to discuss some relevant results about the participation of young people in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, in France.

Mindchangers at Eurovision 2022!

The adventure of the young Mindchangers reporters at the biggest music event in Europe in May 2022.

Start up seminar with Italian grantees

Have a look at the official presentation of the first round of Mindchangers-funded local projects in Piedmont, Italy.

How to organise a communication campaign

One of Mindchangers’ regional capacity building seminars was dedicated to explore how to create an awareness-raising campaign targeting youth.

Systemic approach to complexity

A capacity building seminar in Piedmont to support the local projects’ coordinators.

Storytelling and communication

To communicate correctly complex topics such as migrations and climate change is crucial for today’s society and for Mindchangers’ goals for the future.

Who is a mind-changer?

What are the characteristics of a real mind-changer? Mindchangers’ partner COP asked the young participants to the launch of DoughnuTO, a local project by ACMOS.