Baden-Württemberg PROJEKTE

“Change Your Mind”


A project by Eine-Welt-Zentrum Heidelberg e.V.

The project ‘Change Your Mind’ supports the engagement of adolescents and young adults in the realms of climate justice, migration and international cooperation. The project is supported by established actors such as Eine-Welt-Zentrum Heidelberg, the Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof and the Stadtjugendring Heidelberg. The project picks up the current global challenges of society and connects them with concrete options of actions. The adolescents of the projects themselves decide on the topics and actions they want to address. The project organizers support them in this process with preparatory workshops, a Fairtrade conference, qualifying workshops, a website about the project with a social media wall and more. Final project results will be presented during a big sustainability festival.  

Learn more about the organisation online: Eine-Welt-Zentrum Heidelberg e.V.