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A big appointment for Mindchangers in La Rioja

How time flies! It’s been almost six months since our grantees have been running and developing their projects in La Rioja.

Throughout this period, the grantees have been working on their activities, events and training which have been focused on climate change or migration. On top of this, Congdcar and Gobierno de La Rioja have organised two special events for them to participate in.

The purpose behind these events was to train our NGOs with the skills and abilities to properly carry out their activities, specifically in the realms of communication, youth engagement and monitoring.

The first Start up took place in March 2022 and it finally allowed us to meet all the managers of each project. Together we could discuss their goals, their main targets and the activities that would occur in 2022.

Congdcar and Gobierno de La Rioja then presented Mindchangers general calendar, explained the next steps, showed the new logo and communication guide and detailed how to monitor results. We spent a great morning together, getting to know each other, sharing ideas and feeling the benefit of each other’s support.

Our Capacity building took place in April this year, in the University of La Rioja, where grantees and other key actors were invited, making us almost 30 people in total – a fantastic turnout. In this session, our main objective was to create a space where NGOs, LAs, youth associations and other stakeholders were able to get to know each other, promote networking, participate in a fun ice-breaker and could share their youth engagement aspirations.

Everyone in attendance intended to improve their relationship with young people and their ability to reach out to them, owing to the University of Craiova youth participation studies and all the results La Rioja university obtained through questionnaires and personal interviews.

To help facilitate discussion, the attendees of the event were separated between 4 tables using the World Café method and given questions such as: “How can we improve communication about climate and migration aimed at young people?” or “What can your entity contribute to a future Mindchangers Project?”

Using these questions as a base, they worked in groups to share ideas, detect synergies and were able to create future partnerships amongst people who were interested in youth projects!