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Act for Change: Promoting Community Engagement and Sustainability at UCv Open Doors Days

On June 13, 2024, the University of Craiova (UCv) will host the “Act for Change” regional event, as partners in the Mindchangers project, during its annual Open Doors Days.

This event aims to direct young people from Dolj County, interested in the educational offer at UCv, towards sustainable practices, social responsibility, and active citizenship. It includes a dynamic lineup of activities (presentations, workshops and exhibitions), organised in partnership with schools, local NGOs and Mindchangers grantees and focused on sharing insights on pressing global issues and local solutions. And also, an attractive contest on personal engagement.

As UCv opens its doors to future students, it also opens them the community.

Thus “Act for Change” is a call to action, encouraging every individual to take part in the movement for change. Join us at UCv’s Open Doors Days for a day of inspiration, learning, and community action!