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Be the voice of your generation!

CEDRU Association and “Henri Coandă” Theoretical High School organised on February 15th 2023 the first debate for high school students as part of the EcoShades project, on the topic of “Be the voice of your generation! Our climate, our future!”

The debate was held in the Karl Popper format, and the motion debated by the Government and Opposition teams was as follows: This Parliament considers that the problem of pollution in Romania is a consequence of the excessive use of natural resources by generation Z. The 30 high school students involved in the debate were coordinated by Professors Amalia Florea and Mariana Barbu. Other participants included teachers, parents, as well as a representative of the local partner of the Mindchangers project – University of Craiova.

During the activity, the students discussed the effects of pollution on the environment, analyzed the benefits of eco-friendly countries (Switzerland, France, Denmark), sang the song “Earth song”, and, at the end of the event, they presented some clothing items made of recyclable materials.

The conclusion of the debate was the following: Generation Z is not ‘guilty’ for the climate crisis, but responsible, along with all of us, for the protection of the environment. This Parliament considers that pollution issues in Romania are consequences of excessive use of natural resources by Generation Z.

This event was directly linked to the objectives of the EcoShades project, which aims to raise young people’s awareness about climate change and the need to protect the environment and, at the same time, to promote active citizenship through debates, campaigns and environmental activities, so that the voice of young people can bring about positive change on their generation.

More info about EcoShades can be found here