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Eco Shade “A clean country for the future!”

On April 25th, CEDRU Association organized the 2nd debate as part of their EcoShades project. This debate took place at the Omnia Hall of the “Henri Coandă” Theoretical High School in Craiova, engaging high school students on the topic of “A clean country for the future!”.

The debate was held in English, in the Karl Popper format, and the motion debated by the Government and Opposition teams was: This Parliament considers that the mission of having a clean country lies mostly with the NGOs. The public voted for the motion supported by the Government team, concluding that it is largely the mission of NGOs to ensure a clean country.

The event also included activities proposed by the international volunteers of the ACT Association in Craiova, a partner in the EcoShades project. These volunteers, coming from France, Spain and Türkiye, organized an energizing activity and informed the young audience about the role and mission of NGOs and the importance of volunteering. At the end of the debate, they invited the public to answer a quiz on Kahoot, which stirred the interest and enthusiastic participation of all present.

Participants at the event included high school students aged between 15 and 18 years from the “Henri Coandă” Theoretical High School, teachers, volunteers of the ACT Association, and students and academic staff from the University of Craiova.