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Klima Azubis – a project by Ulmer Initiativkreis für nachhaltige Entwicklung e.V.

The mindchangers project Klima Azubis is providing a seminar for young trainees and apprentices of different companies that focuses on building competences on the topic of climate change and climate justice. On the fourth of the in total six course dates, the participants engaged with the topic of biodiversity. Appropriately, they spent the day at the botanical garden of the University of Ulm.

The main speaker Eva gave an introduction to the topic of biodiversity at the beginning. Afterwards, the trainees and apprentices chose a specific animal and researched the ideal living conditions for it. After the presentations of the trainees and a vegetarian and vegan lunch, Eva explained the connection between biodiversity and everyday life (such as nutrition, consumption, mobility) with the presentation “Everything is connected to everything”. Later, the participants dedicated themselves to building insect nesting aids – also known as bee hotels.

During the construction of the insect nesting aids, the group received detailed information from the university group on sustainability and the university group BUND on wild bees, their habitat and how humanity benefits from them.

The course day ended with a visit to the greenhouses and the outdoor area of the botanical garden, at which the trainees were thinking of specific measures to increase biodiversity on their company premises and presented them to each other.