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Mindchangers Reporters

Well, actually we won’t be on stage, but we will be present in the most crowded places around the city.

In these weeks we have been working with a group of young people coming from the projects financed by Mindchangers and others belonging to some member associations of Consorzio delle Ong Piemontesi (COP), to create an editorial staff of young reporters that during the days of Eurovision will stimulate the public flocked from all over the world on the topics central to Mindchangers project. The initiative was born with the aim to go beyond the communication circuits within which the activities of Mindchangers projects and COP associations are carried out, in order to stimulate a reflection on climate change and migration towards a different, wider and international audience.

Training and co-design to get ready for Eurovision
The young people took part in two preparatory meetings.
The first was formative. Massimiliano Sciullo, deputy editor of Torino Oggi, provided the young reporters with few tips on how to conduct an interview. Moreover he has taught the youth the fundamental deontological aspects of the journalist career. Then Antonio Montemurro and Ilaria Di Lecce, co-founders of Roundabout (a Micro Influencers marketing platform), showed, through concrete examples, how to be influencers for social good and indeed they gave some advice on how to make a content viral on Instagram.

In the second day we moved from theory to practice.
Through a co-design workshop, young people have defined objectives, themes, formats and channels with which to animate the initiative.

Instragram, radio and much more
The Mindchangers Reporters will be present in front of PalaIsozaki (Eurovision main stage) and in Parco del Valentino, where the OFF events of the music festival will be held. Equipped with smartphones and microphones they will engage the Eurovision audience through a quiz on Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover an Instagram challenge will trigger a reflection on one’s attitude toward sustainability committing the interviewee to perform a virtuous action to balance, once back home, the production of waste and pollution that an event of this magnitude entails. But that’s not all.

Monday 9 and Friday 13, starting at 16.10, we will be guests of Radio Dora.
Alessia Taglianetti, a young journalist who joined the initiative “Mindchangers Reporters”, will interview Giulia Randazzo, Technical Coordinator of Mindchangers, on the progress of projects in the six countries of the partnership and in Piedmont. On Friday it will be the turn of Matteo Grasso and Greta Chirico, who will tell us their impressions of the interaction they had in the first three days with the Eurovision audience.

During the show and at the end of it, videos and REELS will be made to summarize the four days of interviews and discussions on the issues of climate change and migration.

The menu is rich and the editorial staff of Mindchangers Reporters is ready to take the field to explore and tell the sensitivity of the Eurovision audience with respect to two of the most urgent issues of our time. Are you ready to follow us?

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