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Oxford Debate: climate change – Deniers vs Believers

As part of the project Mindchangers: Regions and Youth for Planet and People, funded through the European Commission’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR) and implemented between 2020-2024, the University of Craiova – an official partner of the project – has been the host of an important event.

On March, 28th 2022, Go Romania, an NGO coordinated by Răzvan Mihăilescu, in collaboration with the University of Craiova, organized an Oxford debate on topics related to climate change – Deniers vs. Believers – which took place at the university and gathered participants from the academic milieu and civil society. The debate concentrated on some of the most important and pressing issues of global concern: climate change, food waste or climate pollution, as well as the possibility to address these problems and to find solutions. The debate was dedicated to young people, and was organized with the objective to offer them a chance to voice their concerns and work together in order to examine climate change issues and their impact on society.
The two opposing teams played the role of Climate Believers (those who believe in climate change) and Climate Deniers (those who do not believe in climate change), in an exchange of arguments and counter-arguments, based on knowledge and persuasion.

More information about this activity can be found at the following link: