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Nearly sixty people were present to discover the productions of this project which mobilized Lyon’s stakeholders, but also Lebanon’s as well as many young people aged 14 to 18 accompanied by those organizations.


The Break In News project, which aims to provide access to realistic and non-stereotypical information on migration issues, was promoted during this public event through the presentation of 4 productions:


  • Salam Photography School: A photo project
  • Cuisine de Saint-Jean et d’ailleurs: A borderless cookbook project 
  • Sport solidaire: A look back at the organisation of a solidarity sports tournament last summer
  • La quête d’une vie: Feedback on the creation of a video game project on migration roads


The involved young people, although not very familiar with this exercise, took the floor in turn to present several productions and explained what their role was in the project. They answered numerous questions from the public, who was visibly impressed by the quality of the work achieved.


Several of the young people involved in the project would like to continue the process and, in particular, wish to bring to life the immersion video game on the migratory roads that they imagined.

To be continued! 😊


French version here