Green Team Belleville-en-Beaujolais 2035

Building on SDG n°11 (Sustainable cities and communities), the City of Belleville-en-Beaujolais has the ambition to become a European reference in terms of bioclimatic cities by 2035 and help create a replicable model of sustainable development for cities. As the starting point of this ambition, the Green team project aims at putting young people at the heart of this strategy by mobilizing them and supporting the emergence and realization of their projects with the support of the City and its local partners, and helping them become ambassadors for civic participation in local policies.
The project is coordinated by Amici del Mondo – World Friends Onlus

Les pionniers des ODD

With the support of partners specialized in youth engagement, young people from Isère engaged in civic service will raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals among local schoolchildren, based on the observation and analysis of their daily practices. They will then accompany them in the reflection, design, implementation and promotion of concrete actions that will be implemented in their respective schools. Exchanges of experience with young Cameroonians involved in the ecological transition will feed their reflection and their actions.
The project is coordinated by Association Départementale des Francas de l’Isère

Open Tracks

The objective of the Open Tracks project is to propose to groups of youth to collect experiences, alternatives and solutions developed by local and Senegalese actors on the subjects of food, transport and waste management in a sustainable development perspective. The young people will test the applicability and replicability of these solutions in their contexts, and work on their adaptation and accessibility. The results of their research will be presented at a large evening event where residents and elected officials will also be present.
The project is coordinated by Comité UFCV (Union française des centres de vacances) de la Loire


French NGO Cart’ONG co-builds and co-facilitates the CartODD project together with young volunteers from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Francophone Africa partner countries. Combining participatory mapping and international solidarity challenges, the project contemplates the creation of a game based on mapping as a way to raise awareness on migration and climate change adaptation issues, the design of an exhibition of maps on gender inequality, the organization of an international online mapping marathon and the facilitation of solidarity mapping workshops.
The project is coordinated by Cart’ONG

Les entrepreneurs du développement durable : de la sensibilisation active aux ODD à la conception d’activités économiques vertes et interculturelles

Through the L.E.D.D. project, we wish to raise awareness, train and make the inhabitants of peripheral territories actors, especially through intergenerational actions promoted by young people. Two axes will be developed: raising awareness of the SDGs and support for the design of economic activities. These axes will take into account issues related to the fight against climate change (e.g. urban agriculture, recycling/transformation, advice/action), gender equality and solidarity. Throughout the project, the dialogue of about 60 young people (20 per territory) and the construction of sustainable development areas are promoted.
The project is coordinated by Apoyo Urbano

De la fourchette à la planète: des jeuens bien dans leur assiette!

Our project aims to raise young people’s awareness of issues related to climate change, starting from their daily practice on food matters, to make them actors in their territory by supporting them in the creation of playful media to inform target audiences and mobilize for the implementation of concrete actions in favour of the ecological transition. The project will end with a 15-day stay in Africa to meet local youth and discuss how they face and act on similar issues.
The project is coordinated by Association des centres sociaux et culturels de la Mulatière

Assos à l’œil – 2 associations sous le regard des jeunes: un réseau de solidarité internationale actif pour la planète?

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and facilitate the involvement of youth from Ardèche in climate issues. To this end, the young people will become familiar with the concrete dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals through the discovery of the local network of actors involved in international solidarity and environmental issues, and the alternatives they propose to respond to global challenges. Exchanges of experience with youth from Comoros and Ivory Coast will also provide food for thought in developing their own initiatives. The young people will share their creations and their commitments in the framework of a festival of commitment.
The project is coordinated by Ardèche Afrique solidaires

Transition verte en chantier

Through young volunteers’ workcamp, the Green Transition in Progress project works as a real space for experimentation and aims at making young people aware of several SDGs, consolidating their understanding, strengthening their initiatives, individual and collective alike, and developing all participants’ creativity as a response to the challenges of tomorrow’s world. Bringing together 11 organizations, the project takes place on all workcamps in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, enabling French, European and international youth to develop more responsible practices together. A compendium collecting these practices will be published at the end of the project.
The project is coordinated by Co-travaux Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Des clubs environnement par et pour les jeunes

The project will involve youth from Auvergne Rhône-Alpes to raise awareness of climate change and environmental issues in schools, universities and social centers, and then accompany pupils and students in the construction of projects to be implemented in their own collective contexts.
The project is coordinated by Association Conscience et Impact Ecologique

ESS’Team 2022-23 – Jeunes Ambassadeurs rices de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire

Concordia Rhône-Alpes and Concordia Auvergne team up with a network of social and solidarity economy partner organizations across the region to provide local youth with opportunities to take part in the ecological and social transition. ESS’Team project aims at helping youth discover and understand the stakes related to sustainable development, climate change, global interdependencies and the challenges of ecological transition. Each youth will work within local organizations engaged in developing solutions to global issues, and they will then join forces to raise awareness, especially among youth, on alternatives to foster empowerment and active engagement.
The project is coordinated by Concordia Rhône-Alpes