Champions for Change

Through Champions for Change, we train citizens to advocate for climate justice and migration. The best way to do this is by understanding the habitat changes in the global South caused by climate change and the resulting migration policies. In addition, we work to develop habits that counteract climate change, because only through understanding and cooperative action can champions effect change. In addition to information sessions on knowledge exchange between young indigenous people from the USA, climate activists from Kenya and professors on the topic of knowledge production and transfer, there will also be practical events to learn, for example, how to recycle old things or cook sustainably.
The project is coordinated by SIMAMA – STEH AUF e.V.

Plastik up, let´s do it! Eine praktische Umsetzung der Agenda 2030

We talk with young people at different learning sites about the global challenges of the present and work together on possible solutions, using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as an example. Using the methods of global learning, we analyze and discuss the topics of sustainability and shed light on the worldwide connections. Young people from the Global South are given the opportunity to present their own views in Germany and to exchange ideas with their peers here. Together, they develop practical implementations of the 2030 Agenda, which are carried out in a way that attracts public attention and encourages the entire civil society to participate. This has the effect of promoting social cohesion.
The project is coordinated by Ndwenga e.V.

Yes we can Klimaschutz! Junge Migranten machen Klimaschutz (be)greifbar

Climate protection is our future. For our future, we therefore need all people, especially hitherto marginalized groups in our society such as young people, people from the Global South and migrant women, but also migrant organizations or young migrant organizations. Due to the fact that these people are rarely considered in the discourse, we want to show, as mentioned in the title, that exactly these target groups are also interested in this topic and can contribute solutions to the climate problem themselves. For this purpose, we create participatory campaign videos, dialogue formats, awareness-raising measures and videos with these people. Uthukumana actively accompanies. We are establishing a young, migrant platform on the topic of climate protection together with young people from the Global South.
The project is coordinated by Uthukumana Afrika e.V.

Vivas! Jugendkunstperformance zum Thema Klimawandel

The Vivas! project introduces young people to topics such as climate change, global responsibility and climate justice through an artistic approach. The project explicitly addresses young people who have had little contact with these topics. Students from Göppingen come into exchange with young people from Argentina. A joint artistic video project on a “plant symphony” encourages a deeper examination of the consequences of climate change and is accompanied by events with experts from science, engagement and politics. A vernissage for the publication of the video as part of a social media campaign ensures the visibility of the project and allows the participants to become multipliers.

The project is coordinated by EPiZ Reutlingen

Change your Mind – Turn the tide

With “Change your Mind – Turn the tide,” we encourage young people in Baden-Württemberg, both with and without experience of flight and migration, to work together to research the links between the global climate crisis and migration. They establish international contacts and make local experiences as well as options for action visible and audible in media contributions. Together with its partners, iz3w designs spaces for transformative learning and exchange and accompanies them in the production of their own podcasts. Video interviews with activists in the Global South feed their suggestions into a social media campaign. The material is discussed, supplemented and embedded in a multimedia online dossier (can be accessed in the long term). Local events focus on interaction with the public.

The project is coordinated by Aktion Dritte Welt e.V. / iz3w

Regional Youth Sustainability Lab

Verein der Mongolischen Akademiker e.V. wants to strengthen the exchange and commitment of young people and creates a meeting platform for this purpose. Therefore, youths and young adults with and without migration background meet in the city of Schwäbisch Hall, Stuttgart and the greater Stuttgart area. There, they undertake activities together to get involved with the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. Due to the high degree of participation, the migrant and non-migrant young people will get in touch, exchange ideas and network to empower each other and thus can creatively dedicate themselves to their heart topics in the field of sustainability. A lab is created, a field of experimentation for the creative development of potential for young people with an explicitly colorful composition.
The project is coordinated by Verein der Mongolischen Akademiker e.V.

Klimakrise vor der Haustür & Lösungen für Morgen

In our Mindchanger project “Climate crisis on our doorstep & solutions for tomorrow” we want to produce content on the climate crisis for young people in an understandable way. In a 4-day multimedia camp in the Black Forest National Park, to which we invite influencers, rangers and experts, we will jointly make the climate changes on our doorstep tangible. In a social media campaign, we will produce high-reach videos in several languages and generate a challenge that will spread as a trend on social media. It is important to us to make the global and local problems of climate change understandable and together make solution approaches visible on a local level. The whole project is organized by young adults for young adults.
The project is coordinated by Freundeskreis Nationalpark Schwarzwald e.V.

Climate Stories

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. For many, however, it is still something very abstract. This is different in the global south, where destructive weather events are already shaping the biographies of many people. Unfortunately, these voices have so far received little attention in our country. Climate Stories makes the climate crisis tangible by encouraging young people from the global South to share their personal stories online – in multimedia form and tailored to the target group, as well as at events and in classrooms. This creates unique intercultural encounters, an exchange of shared concerns, and the development of common solutions, because only by listening to each other and talking to each other can we fight the climate crisis together!
The project is coordinated by Fairventures Worldwide FVW gGmbH

Talk-To-Me: Generation Weltbürgerinnen – Wir verändern Sichtweisen

The young generation needs a fair and modern view of the continent of Africa. Away from hunger, war and poverty to a positive, realistic, modern image of Africa. Who knows how many countries & languages the continent has? That bitcoin & startups are booming in recent years? Information and knowledge dissemination in the field of culture, geography, economy and also social is focus of Talk-To-Me. City quiz rally, workshops in schools, environmental rangers in Kenya and a festival offer the chance to get to know better the role of global citizens and promote a change of perspective to the stereotype of Africa. We communicate the importance of Africa in our daily lives, how we are connected as human beings, the benefits of living in a multicultural society…

The project is coordinated by

Kultur on Tour – Burmamobil

The world is changing and we can only watch? No! Democracy is alive and you are part of it. We will explain and show you what you can do. Culture on Tour in “The Länd” with the Burmamobil. Get to know the political situation and the culture of Myanmar. Learn what migration and climate change in the global south are related to us. A cargo bike, a trailer and many impressions! We will travel CO2 neutral from place to place and use films, lectures and exhibitions to show what is going on in Myanmar. Come by and dive into the world of geopolitical contexts and development themes – and the best: All this with a cup of freshly brewed tea from the Burmamobil. #WhatIsHappeningInMyanmar#Burmamobil#FreeBurmaBike.
The project is coordinated by Weitblick Freiburg e.V.