La Rioja

First Step, Change!

The project “First Step, Change!” aims to empower young people to actively participate in society by contributing to its improvement. In the case of Ukrainian participants, they are empowered to collaborate in the reconstruction of their country; in the case of Riojan participants, they are provided with resources so that they can become agents of change in their localities and in connection with their counterparts from Ukraine. To do this, the project promotes the setup of collaborative spaces where Riojan and Ukrainian participants are trained to build alliances and create a youth employment network in Ukraine.
The project is coordinated by YMCA

Juventud, Migraciones y Comunicación

The project “Juventud, Migraciones y Comunicación” aims to build capacities for the communication of the human rights violations and the principle of “Leaving No One Behind” that governs the SDGs, of young LGBTI people immersed in migration processes. In this way, young LGBTI migrants may become both leading agents of change and communicators for the campaign that will be disseminated in La Rioja. For such dissemination, strategic alliances will be generated with key actors from the communication sector and the youth movement in the region.
The project is coordinated by Fundación Triángulo

Sembrando semillas sostenibles

Sembrando semillas sostenibles. The project focuses on strengthening the commitment of youths from La Rioja and the general population of the region with the 2030 Agenda. The proposal is aimed at young people aged from 15 to 18 years old from the village of Navarrete, with the objective of turning them into agents of sustainable development. Therefore, one of the expected outcomes is to increase the awareness of young people through activities that help them reflect and empathize on issues related to the environment, as well as to climate change and migration.

The project is coordinated by Instituto Sindical de Cooperación al Desarrollo (ISCOD)

Destino 2030: AcTÚa ¡ya!

“Destino 2030: AcTÚa ¡ya!” is a new phase in FISC’s work over the past few years in La Rioja, focusing this time on a younger and more specific public in order to engage them with the construction of a critical citizenship, aware of and committed to sustainable development and human rights. Youths from La Rioja are trained on the SDGs, namely the pillars “Planet” (climate change) and “People” (Migration), in order to become agents of social transformation in the organisation of activities for children and citizens of La Rioja.

The project is coordinated by FISC-Fundación Internacional de Solidaridad Compañía de María


“Enraizando” revolves around two study groups with students from La Rioja University. The first one is aimed at agronomic engineering students to analyse food sovereignty and climate change. The second one is intended for social work students to work on the topic of migration with a gender perspective. Both groups are creating agents of change around those topics, storytelling, manifests and podcasts. There will also be a meeting in a rural zone where a transgenerational activity will be carried out, and in which the results obtained from each study group will be presented.
The project is coordinated by ASUR (Ayuda Social Universitaria de La Rioja)

Color-Generación 1.5. Tú tienes la palabra

The project “COLOR – GENERACIÓN 1.5. Tú tienes la palabra” promotes youth participation of diverse origin from La Rioja in topics of interest such as gender equity, migration, discrimination, sense of local ownership… by creating a “virtual radio” through a podcast format. Its main goal is to make people of reference visible to inspire young people who have migrated as children; youths who were born in La Rioja, but belong to families of diverse culture or origin; or, youths who are racialized people.

The project is coordinated by Associación Colombiana de la Rioja-Color