Goccia per Goccia

The aim of “Goccia per Goccia” is to build a series of actions by directly involving local youngsters, in order to encourage the public dialogue, the cooperation, the creation of networks and the exchange of sustainable and replicable good practice about water. The activities will be implemented from January 2023 to December 2023.The dialogue between young people and decision makers will be guaranteed by a periodic planning of meetings and seminars, including experts from different contexts. Concerning the involvement of the new generations we mean to develop new and effective communication tools like workshops, creative and artistic actions and events, also using digital and social channels.
The project is coordinated by Comune di Beinasco

Challenges for Youth 2.0

Challenges for Youth 2.0 is a project that ideally arises in continuity with what was carried out in 2022 in the neighbouring town of Santena to reach the territory of Cambiano in order to impact positively on its population, especially the under 35. Taking advantage of the experience and visibility gained in Santena, the project will stand out for a completely new and full of initiatives designed to involve and inspire young people and not. The project activities will be present throughout the municipality, from the Youth Centre to the Civic Library, from the Munlab-Ecomuseum of clay to the IC of Cambiano becoming spaces for discussion, testing of good practices and initiatives to raise awareness of environmental issues.
The project is coordinated by Comune di Cambiano


The project is going to involve a group of young people, equally composed of males and females, who are going to receive specialised training and then assume the role of leaders promoting changes on the theme of environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change at a local level. In their territories, these young people will be trained in order to promote good practices and disseminate proposals aimed at reducing emissions and promoting sustainable lifestyles, seeking a dialogue with policy-makers. The project aims to involve young Italians and Guineans, but also all stakeholders who will revolve around the group of mind-changers. Activities will be communicated on and off-line, aiming to give activities and messages the highest possible coverage.

The project is coordinated by Comune di Moncalieri

Voci lontane suoni vicini

Voci Lontane Suoni Vicini intends to strengthen the development of young people’s critical spirit with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. It promotes active citizenship and triggers processes of participation and civic engagement. The project rounds on the theme of migration, enhancing a narration based on social inclusion. The main tool will be the radio, with a communicative and creative purpose. The project also involves young people in Senegal, as participants in online activities and as representatives of local radios, communication experts, journalists, bloggers, activists, youtubers. The general objective is foster the knowledge, leadership and activism of young people and increase public awareness of the themes of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The project focuses on 2 districts of Turin and 5 municipalities in the north-eastern suburbs and in addition to a large consortium of local realities, it also involves realities from Senegal.

The project is coordinated by RE.TE. ONG

Slam for future

SLAM FOR FUTURE aims at triggering a cultural change of civil society through public engagement activities and develop concrete actions(suggested by the target groups) regarding environment, social inclusion and human rights. We intend to raise awareness and increase the engagement of the youngest about the SDGs, climate change in particular. Furthermore, network with local associations will promote new involving strategies on sustainable development and climate change issues. Added values of the initiative are the use of poetry as means of expression and dissemination; the scheduling of activities within festivals, fairs, international days or other events that already envisage interest and participation; activities that really engage the target group because, in addition to involve them emotionally, they make them gather concrete proposals to implement, thus generating change.

The project is coordinated by Medici con l’Africa Cuamm Gruppo Piemonte

Act Now!

The Sustainable Development Goals connected with the project is n. 15: “Promote at all levels urgent measures to fight against climate change and its consequences”. It aims to face the gap between the acknowledgement of climate emergency on the one hand and the resistance to lifestyle and local policy changes on the other. ACT NOW! aims to promote a greater environmental awareness in young people living in the town of Cavallermaggiore and in the Province of Cuneo and to straighten up a better cooperation between the civil society and the local authorities through the involvement of young people.

The project is coordinated by Progettomondo

YouAct! – Youth Action for climate change

“YouAct!” project aims to stimulate awareness among young people on the need to urgently address climate change, highlighting the close connection with migration phenomena. Young people belonging to the Turin-based Fridays for Future group will be involved in the production of a 9-episode news program (A 1.1) in which they will dialogue with the other nodes of FFF’s global network in the countries where MAIS and RENKEN run cooperation projects. The episodes will constitute an information product to reach out particularly to schools, involved in informal education initiatives and youth groups (A 1.2). Action 2.1 will contribute to training FFF youth on SDGs, while A 2.2 will see the implementation of an international exchange at the Nioko Bokk ecovillage (Senegal), during which a group of youth from FFF’s Turin node will have the opportunity to engage with youth from the Senegalese node. Action 2.3 will involve youth in planning an event within the CreativAfrica 2023 festival.

The project is coordinated by MAIS


FormTOlnform aims at raising awareness about climate change and migrations in young people aged 15-35. In Turin – ltaly, one of the most polluted cities in Europe, Gruppo Abele and Casacomune will organize: a journalism course to investigate how to inform and write about climate change, in association with an editorial board, a documentary course in Valchiusella, a Piedmontese valley, in association with a local movie festival, and thematic talks with migrants’ associations, focusing on displacements due to climate changes. The actions are addressed to different target groups, to involve different skills and produce an intergenerational movement. The project contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 16, because of the strong correlation between sustainable developments and civil society.

The project is coordinated by Fondazione Gruppo Abele Onlus

GASP! – Giovani, Attivismo e Strategie di Partecipazione

GASP! is a local project aimed at raising awareness, training and activating young people on climate change, through an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach as well as innovative methods, to give them the tools to understand the phenomenon in its complexity and take action to counter it. The project is based on 3 main actions: workshops facilitated by professionals (edutainment experts, psychologists, artists, lawyers …); co-design and organization of conferences, events, and activism strategies, and construction of advocacy actions that go beyond the end of the project. The activities are based on non-formal education methodology, and will involve ca. 8000 youngsters of 5 Piedmontese towns. Finally, it will reach other 15000 youngsters from the Region through communication and advocacy actions. The partnership includes 6 local NGOs and 1 municipality, as well as 8 bodies which support the project, including 1 Ukrainian association.
The project is coordinated by Associazione Culturale Eufemia APS

Idea: Act locally, change globally

The project “Act locally towards a global change” was born thanks to the cooperation between public bodies and third sector organizations. The network of subjects that forms the local community represents a resource for the territory development and its projects. The project aims to engage youngsters in order to make them protagonists of a change that starts locally and will evolve on a global scale. The project idea tackles both the climate change and the migration flows, as they are interconnected and they can be understood only with a shared and complementary approach. This project wants to collect, give value and experiment sustainability practice s that are capable of recounting and protecting the local environment. At the same time, it desires to collect and discover new practices coming from distant areas, also thanks to migration flows. When the local and the global meet, they start up new pathways of contamination between different realities and cultures.
The project is coordinated by Cooperativa ORSO