ODDAFIP is an advocacy project for the SDGs. Based on the making of a documentary series portraying the actions taken by artisans in France, India and Peru to accomplish these goals, the project will have young French citizens play an active role in their creation and screening during 2022. 

They will also organize an international meeting in mid-2022, where artisans from the three countries will share their methods and challenges, among them facing climate change consequences, to accomplish the SDGs in their regions.

Good practices and ideas collected during the meeting will then be shared as part of an advocacy effort in favor of the 2030 Agenda.

Coordinator entity: Artisans du Monde Bourgoin-Jallieu

Education aux migrations et lutte contre les discriminations à l’université (Migration education and fight against discimination at university)

The project aims at deconstructing the most common prejudices about migrations, focusing on the university context – starting with Lyon 3 University – and with the support and active cooperation of local actors involved in the issues of migrations. 

It will focus on an immersive and experiential exhibition that will be fed with media and artistic workshops meant to bring together local and migrant youth of different ages in an effort to promote positive experiences of collaborations.

Life histories will take the audience on a journey to discover the complexity lying behind migrants’ itineraries.

Coordinator entity: e-graine Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

S’engager pour l’égalité (Let’s commit ourselves for equality)

The project has 3 goals: developing new fields for youth engagement; promoting interculturality between a diversity of audiences;  enabling young people and the public involved in awareness raising actions to take up societal issues.

A group of 6 young volunteers involved in the French Volunteering Service is trained to organize workshops about sustainable development goals within local events, focusing on SDGs n°5 (gender equality) and 10 (fight against inequalities), and on migration issues. 

The volunteers will also produce podcasts will the help of local community media Tout Va Bien in support of the effort to spread the messages.

Coordinator entity: Fédération des Œuvres Laïques du Rhône et de la Métropole de Lyon (FOL69)

Grenoble solidaire, sportive et engagée ! (Grenoble, a supportive, sporting and engaged city)

Our project aims to change the perception of young citizens of Grenoble on the issue of sustainable development, environmental preservation and the understanding of migrations. 

Moments of debate and exchange will be organized on a monthly base, in the frame of outdoor sports activities, targeting youth with different social issues but linked by a common future. 

Together they will address both causes and consequences of the selected issues, but will also foster the development of responses on what challenges, issues and solutions can be considered and engaged at their own level to face them.

Coordinator entity: Humacoop – AMEL France

Le bruit qui court – Campus (Spreading the message in the campus)

Le Bruit qui Court Campus is a podcast project implemented by foreign and French students from Auvergne University in Clermont-Ferrand. 

Focusing on gender equality (SDG n°5) it is based on the exchange of viewpoints of female students from various parts of the world on female condition. 

The seven podcasts will be complemented by a series of events organized in Café Library Le Grin, which will allow to dig into the different issues raised and foster open dialogues between personalities of the cities and citizens alike.

Coordinator entity: Association Kodon

Sur les toits du monde : Accompagner les jeunes à devenir ambassadeurs de la biodiversité (On the roofs of the world: defending biodoversity in cities)

The main goal of the project is to strengthen young people’s engagement in Lyon metropolitan area with the SDGs, particularly those relating to climate change and biodiversity

Developed with Ateliers capacités the project aims to support young people in an active process of awareness and action for more sustainable and resilient cities.

The learning process will conclude with the organization of an international event highlighting experiences around the world on how rooftops can be used to mitigate climate change effects for the benefit of cities’ biodiversity and inhabitants.

Coordinator entity: Maison des solidarités locales et internationales

Notre planète, notre avenir : être jeune face au changement climatique en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et en Afrique (Our Planet, Our Future: Youth Facing Climate Change in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and in Africa)

25 young people from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Western Africa will meet virtually to share their visions and experiences of climate change. 

Together and/or individually they will express their views in texts, photos, videos, drawings, cartoons, that will form an exhibition that will travel in schools, libraries, youth centers… 

The overall aims are to link up youth in France and Africa, enabling their voices to be heard and creating understanding of common and differentiated issues of climate justice in the North and the South, and to put particular issues of climate adaptation and loss and damage in Western Africa on the agenda of climate mobilization in France.

Coordinator entity: Peuples solidaires des Monts du Lyonnais

Le bus des mémoires (The Buses of Memories)

The Buses of memories are a work of creation around a memorial journey staged from the departure to the return of the bus, a sensory trip in which the spectator-traveler will be immersed in a universe arousing his curiosity, making audible the historical information and traveling in time.

On the places of memory visited by “the buses” – squares, spaces and paths – Procédé Zèbre will propose a theatrical form in situ. 

On the way back, the public will discover audio or video reports created by the different partners of the project within the framework of this cultural action program.

Coordinator entity: Compagnie Procédé Zèbre

Agir en direct ! (Live action!)

The 17 SDGs are addressed through this project. It will then be up to young participants to target more precisely one or more objectives.

Together they will define which ones will be deepened and addressed during meetings with local specialized organizations in preparation of filmed interviews made upstream and of a debate that will be broadcast live on the internet. 

The whole point being that, for the upstream achievements, for the development of the plateau and for the organization of the debates, young people will have first to do research on the selected SDGs and then rely on organizations working towards their fulfilment.

Coordinator entity: REZONANCE

Rugby Solidaire d'Auvergne (Rugby and solidarity in Auvergne)

The project focuses on sport as a sector that unites young people around common rules and values, well beyond borders, and that is therefore relevant as a lever for mobilizing youth on the global challenges we face.

It plans to engage 25 rugby educators from three different territories (Auvergne, Reunion Island, Southwestern Madagascar) in a course combining awareness of sustainable development and international solidarity, training in citizenship education through sport and support for the implementation of solidarity projects in France and Madagascar.

Coordinator entity: Comité du Secours Populaire Français d’Issoire

ImpActes (ImpActs)

Solidarité Afrique is a CSO from the Lyon Metropolis which aims at mobilizing youth from 15 to 25 years old, especially youth with fewer opportunities, in order to foster their social inclusion and will to act in civil society as global citizens.

The goal of the ImpActs project is to pass on values to the youth such as solidarity, commitment and sustainability, while acknowledging their capacities to act on their environment and their acquired skills.

The project contemplates a series of activities with the youth, starting from an introduction to SDGs up to the active implementation of a variety of awareness raising actions (podcasts, photo exhibitions…).

Coordinator entity: Solidarité Afrique

For a Fair Food Future

« For a fair food future » project aims at fostering youth engagement for SDGs, focusing on interdependencies between climate change, collective and individual production and consumption habits, and fight against hunger, both in Northern and Southern countries.

It contemplates the mobilization and active participation of a group of youth who will be supported by professionals of A.N.I.S Etoilé and their partners in the definition of their own initiatives and by coconstructing adapted communication mediums, one mainstream event and an awareness tool on the selected SDGs.

Coordinator entity: A.N.I.S Etoilé

Se nourrir du monde

The association Soleil Devant proposes an experiment combining concern for a healthy diet, short and sustainable supply channels, good information to consumers, solidarity (with the involvement of a refugee public, but also food aid recipients or single people).

This experiment aims to explore possible solutions such as shared gardens,
Channels for recovering unsold items … and will be an opportunity to raise questions through the production of a documentary and screenings-debate (autumn 2022).

Coordinator entity: Association Soleil Devant