Climate change is the main challenge of our era.

The EU is addressing the issue with ambitious goals: becoming the first climate-neutral continent and converting into a climate-resilient society by 2050.
This means the European institutions are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to implement the adaptation of our society to a future marked by the effects of climate change.

Such goals, though, cannot be achieved without the participation of local authorities and civil society. This is why one of the focus areas of Mindchangers is climate change. The topic is addressed through all the activities of the project with the aim of triggering effective practices and collecting opinions and proposals from the youths involved.

Mindchangers keywords, KNOW, ACT, CHANGE, lead this movement towards the change of mindset and approach. To know is the first step to be taken to produce such shift: look at the data about climate change, read the dossiers and navigate the projects to learn more about the topic and how to address it.

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