Mindchangers contributes to making European citizens more aware and engaged in sustainable development, climate change and migration.

The aim to create concrete opportunities and tools for youth engagement at the community level will produce real actions for change, always having the Sustainable Development Goals as common ground.

On the other hand, Mindchangers’ helps Local Authorities and Civil Society Organizations in developing policies, financial tools and opportunities in supporting youth engagement on the Sustainable Development Goals. Therefore, such entities can implement innovative, inclusive and effective policies and strategies for youth engagement.

Finally, new updated and accessible content will be produced and made available for a wide European audience, who, in this way, will develop more awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world and of roles and responsibilities in relation to the sustainable development issues.

Such a proactive results chain will positively affect the six EU countries involved in the Mindchangers’ project.

In order to achieve these goals, Mindchangers operates with a multi-platform approach, consisting in:

  • This website
  • The social media: follow Mindchangers on our Facebook and Instagram pages
  • A newsletter to stay updated on Mindchangers’ activities
  • A pan-European awareness raising campaign.