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Be a “Mindchanger”, join us at EYE 2021

Mindchangers project is on the EYE 2021 official programme.

EYE 2021 is the EU Parliament event dedicated to young citizens from all over European Union and beyond. It aims to strengthen and shape youth new ideas about the future of Europe.

It will take place in person from the 8th to the 9th of October in Strasbourg, yet it will feature also online activities starting from the 4th of October.

Youth will lead the two-days-event in Strasbourg livening it up through panel debates, workshops, sports activities, stands and artistic performances!

Mindchangers is one of the four DEAR programme-funded-projects that has been invited to organize and host an activity during the two-days-event in Strasbourg.

The project aims to engage youth on climate change and migration topics. Thus, we have built up an activity willing to foster participants’ awareness on the two already mentioned-topics. Our two-parts-splitted-session will feature an interactive quiz and group discussions. The former comes with the purpose to spur awareness on sustainable development and global justice while the latter will be useful to envision the attitude and characteristics that a person should have in order to be a “Mindchanger”.
Answers collected during the quiz and arguments stressed in the group discussions will be used for future awareness-raising campaigns and DEAR Programme research activities.
Are you ready to be a “Mindchanger”?

Join us on Saturday 9 of October at 10h.
Don’t forget to reserve your seat at this link