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Commit to equality with Fédération des oeuvres laïques du Rhône

This project, conducted by FOL69 with the media Tout va bien, is conducted by 6 young volunteers involved in these structures.

This project has three objectives:

  • develop the fields of engagement for young people
  • promote interculturality between different audiences
  • enable young people and the public benefiting from the actions, to grasp the issues of society.


To achieve these goals, many activities have been launched: formation of young people, intervention based on educational tools of popular education but above all, the realization of a series of podcasts.

These programs were entirely produced by young people around gender inequalities, based on experts regards as well as on many testimonies in order to denounce the ordinary sexism and to sensitize their peers to these issues.

It’s in French, but don’t hesitate to listen to them!

Listen to the podcast episodes.