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Debates take young people from Dolj one step closer to youth empowerment

CEDRU continued to engage its volunteers in activities implemented as part of their sub-grated project EcoShades and hosted another stimulating debate in partnership with “Henri Coanda” Theoretical High School in Craiova.

The event, which marked the sixth and last session of debates, was organized on Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at the Omnia Hall of the “Henri Coanda” Theoretical High School on the topic of “Responsible youth for a clean nature!”. It was moderated by the students themselves, and was held in the Karl Popper format, with two opposing teams, the Government and the Opposition, discussing the following motion: This Parliament considers that working from home is preferable to office work, from the point of view of reducing pollution.

More than sixty high school students aged between 15 and 17 from “Henri Coanda” Theoretical High School took part in the event, alongside local partners from the University of Craiova and the Association Communities for Youth (ACT), who are collaborators in the activities carried out within the project.

Throughout the debate, emphasis was placed on logical reasoning, evidence-based arguments, and respectful engagement. The goal was not only to defend each respective position but also to enrich understanding and encourage critical thinking among the young participants and the audience.