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“Feu sur la Banquise”: let’s think together about how we can design a life that meets the challenges of the 21st century!

How can we build our lives, deploy our energy and experiment with new forms of solidarity in a society that has been turned upside down and needs to reinvent itself? 

Since 2020, we have had no choice but to learn how to ride the waves of chaotic change, whether climatic, economic or social… Living with uncertainty has become an essential skill for getting through our times.

Faced with this unprecedented situation, Graines de Soi asked 10 students and young workers, most of whom were at a standstill in their careers, to think together about how best to prepare for the challenges ahead.

As part of the Feu sur la Banquise project, the Graines de Soi team suggested they create a series of podcasts in which they could each express their questions, and in response, give the floor to inspiring witnesses who are today trying to adapt professionally to the ecological and social crisis we are going through.

Since May 2023, Elodie, Hélène, Marcello, Aurore, Tim, Maya, Manon, Sahura, Doriane, Laurence and Sarah have accepted the association’s invitation to embark on Feu sur la Banquise’s adventure.

To start with, each participant was given individual support using the “One Life!?” toolbox to review their history and draw up a personality map (motivations, life strategies, interests, talents…).

Then, working in groups at the eco-Château de Fisenne, they spent 3 days learning about the issues and major changes that are transforming the workplace today. The residential stay was rich in debate, reflection and emotion. It is not easy to shape one’s life in the face of unprecedented challenges. What reference points can you rely on when you seem under pressure to reinvent yourself? Thanks to the group’s dynamic, new perspectives opened up, giving hope to everyone. 

After several weeks of brainstorming and a specific workshop on how to make a podcast, each participant then selected an inspiring person, engaged in a professional field that interested them, and arranged to meet for an interview during the summer.

The contents of the interviews served as a basis for two intense weekends of collective work, when each participant produced a 15 to 20-minute podcast recounting their journey, their questions and the most striking elements of their encounter with their witness.

This more technical and artistic part was supervised by director Mathias Desmarres and sound designer Diana Dolce. The series is now available on Spotify and Ashua.

On December 18, the project team will have the pleasure of presenting their work at a launch evening in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Looking to tomorrow’s world, the podcasts tackle themes as varied as the place of sport, teaching economics, conflict mediation, reinventing funerals, collective social gardening, local carpentry, welcoming refugees, permaculture, humour and eco-counselling.

As a whole, Feu sur la Banquise is a fine portrait of a generation of “Mindchangers” who are trying to imagine other possibilities while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

Given the enthusiasm generated by the project, a second season of Feu sur la Banquise is already being prepared by Graines de Soi with the support of the Benoit Foundation.