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DigiScope: Revealing the hidden faces of the digital world

The DigiScope project is aimed at raising young people’s awareness of the impact of digital technologies on the environment, health, climate, and more through the lens of global Sustainable Development Goals. Impacts both positive and negative have been reviewed, with the objective being to inspire young people to question their habits and hopefully adopt new behaviors regarding their daily use of digital technologies.

Project steps:

In order to build a community of young people interested in this topic a campaign was conducted on multiple social medias, providing these youths with ‘quick facts’ and gauging their reactions. For example: “Did you know that nearly 300 billion emails (not including spam) are sent every day?“ or “Did you know that algorithms are used to optimize energy produced by wind farms?” This short campaign brought more than a few replies as well as increased traffic to Digiscope social media accounts.

Another of the actions taken was creating and implementing a survey about knowledge of digital technology’s impact on the environment. This survey is still open, and continues to be analyzed to nurture communication regarding this project.

After was the creation of playful tools, such as an educational walk in Louvain-la-Neuve which can be done by scouts and families imagined in the vein of Trivial Pursuit.

And finally they conducted micro-interviews with young people to pose question and raise awareness around the various themes of the project. The materials collected are being used to create video and audio communications capsules.

Future prospects?

This summer, the different tools and productions made by this group of young individuals will be tested, and then applied professionally. The aim is to have a final version ready for September, with live tests in partnership with at least one scout troop and in schools as a part of their various extracurricular activities. Also for the start of the school year, a big quiz in the spirit of “Budding Geniuses” is in the works.

Want to know more?

Digiscope is a project of “la Maison du Développement Durable,” the town of Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve, and Computer Science and IT in Education.