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Mindchangers in Piedmont renewed its commitment towards youth engagement in the 2030 Agenda

The 23rd of January more than fifty people representing the sixteen projects financed in Piedmont took part to the start-up seminar for grantees in Toolbox, the biggest and oldest coworking space in Italy.


The Mindchangers Start-up seminar provided local authorities and civil society organizations with a fresh perspective of how to build strong synergies among projects. The event featured the presentation by Consorzio delle Ong Piemontesi, a Mindchangers partners, of the pivotal aspects and procedures (communication, administration and monitoring of the projects) useful to smoothly run the many initiatives and activities foreseen by every project.

The seminar began with an overview of the Mindchangers initiatives unfolding in the six European countries that are part of the consortium. The presentation was held by Claudia Re, a civil servant from Piedmont Region. Soon after the communication guidelines have been delivered to the participants by Pasquale Pellegrino, COP’s staff responsible for the organization of the capacity building seminars and of the management of the communication in Piedmont. The two presentations conveyed the bigger picture of such a multifaceted project like Mindchangers to the granted organizations, framing each single project developed by the grantees into the campaign. After this, the seminar delved deeper into topics such as administrative and monitoring duties every entity must stick to. They were held by Emanuela Meduri, COP’s staff responsible for the administration and budget and Giulia Randazzo, Mindchangers Techical coordinator.

After the speakers had finished their presentations, a representative for each grantee was given the opportunity to present in a three-minutes speech its own project. During this time, LAs and CSOs could make valuable connections, ask questions, and guess any possible synergy with other projects. This moment helped sparked interesting conversations and networking opportunities among them.

Starting from February the sixteen-project involving 127 among LAs and CSOs will take part to the capacity building seminars aimed at strengthening the skills and competencies required to better engage youth on the two core topics of Mindchangers: climate change and migrations.

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