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“Riace Ecomeeting”: Uniting Communities for Sustainability and Integration

Moncalieri Municipality lead of “Be the Change” project organize a camping experience promoting civic engagement, education and participation.

The camping venue is Riace, a small town in Calabria (Southern Italy), that gained international recognition through the remarkable efforts of Mimmo Lucano, its former mayor. Lucano’s innovative approach to welcoming and integrating migrants transformed Riace into a symbol of hope, proving that inclusive communities can thrive and inspire the world.

The camping, which has come to its fourth edition, is organized in collaboration with Spostiamo Mari e Monti Association and the Educazione Progetto Cooperative, and it will engage the youth in an experience centered around the themes of hospitality, integration, environmental respect, and sustainability. This is years it’s the fourth edition of the festival. Participants will have the chance to be engage in various activities, including training sessions, exploring the local territory, meeting with local organizations, informative workshops led by experts and guests, evening social gatherings featuring activities proposed by local entities, and a final plenary assembly to share their experiences.

By bringing together a diverse group of participants, the organizers aim to foster a sense of community and create a space for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.

The event aims to explore the positive experiences such as the Global Village of Riace and the welcoming approach of certain municipalities in “Locride” (the area surrounding Riace), which promote village repopulation, the preservation of ancient crafts, and the rights of seasonal workers and agricultural laborers.

The camping experience, targeting individuals aged 18 to 30, will combine training sessions, encounters with local experiences, discussions with experts and guests and evening activities proposed by local entities. It will also provide an opportunity to enjoy the Calabrian sea and engage in relaxation and informal group activities.

Collaboration with local organizations is another integral part of the camping experience. Participants will engage with various groups and initiatives operating in the area, learning from their experiences and gaining insights into their valuable work. By connecting with these local entities, participants will have the opportunity to expand their network, build relationships, and potentially collaborate on future projects.

Evening social activities organized by local entities will offer participants a chance to unwind and connect with fellow campers in a relaxed and informal setting. These activities can range from cultural performances and artistic displays to outdoor recreational pursuits, enabling participants to experience the vibrant spirit of the community firsthand.

At the end of the camping experience, a plenary assembly will be held, providing participants with a platform to share their thoughts, insights, and the outcomes of their collective efforts. This assembly serves as a valuable opportunity to reflect on the experience, discuss potential future actions, and celebrate the achievements and personal growth that have emerged throughout the camping.