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Scientific articles resulting from Mindchangers research activity

Mara Martini, Angela Fedi, Alina Resceanu, Monica Tilea,

"Engaging young Mindchangers in climate action: a case study of two European regions".

In Psicologia di Comunità, 1/2023, pp. 74-92, DOI 10.3280/PSC2023-001005

As a results of the collaboration between the Italian and the Romanian research teams, this article puts forward a cross-regional comparative investigation of good practices related to projects implemented at regional level, and interview-based data resulted from discussions with engaged young people from Piedmont (IT) and Dolj County (ROM). The overall aim was to define guidelines to support the involvement of young people in climate change and migration issues and to offer a set of recommendations for all actors involved in youth engagement.

Colhon, M., Tilea, M., Gonzalez-Marcos, A., Resceanu, A., Smarandache, F., Navaridas-Nalda, F.,

a "Neutrosophic Decision-Making Model for Determining Young People’s Active Engagement".

In International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making, 2023, DOI10.1142/S0219622023500384.

The interdisciplinary approach proposed in this article is rooted in the close collaboration between the Romanian and Spanish research teams, whose objective was to propose a decision-making model with the aim to detect certain attitudinal and behavioral patterns of actively engaged young people. The data used here resulted from the questionnaire-based survey carried out in Dolj County (Romania) and La Rioja (Spain) as part of the Mindchangers research activity. The model, developed using neutrosophy, determines the Mindchanger profile of the respondents based on a minimal set of questions, proving significantly better than other machine learning models applied on the same set of data.

Fermín Navaridas-Nalda, Ana González-Marcos,Esther Raya-Díez & Ana María Vega-Gutiérrez,

"Mindchanger identification, analysis and recognition: youth perceptions".

In International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, Volume 28 (1), 2023, pp. 703-718,

Starting from the premise that youth participation and activism are considered key factors in making the world a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable place, this article is aimed to understand how young people who actively participate in social organizations perceive the characteristics that define young ‘mindchangers.’ In their endeavour, the authors adopted a quantitative methodological approach using a survey procedure, using the data collected from the Mindchangers questionnaires administered in the region of La Rioja. The results reveal a high level of agreement among the respondents on the traits that define a Mindchanger.

M. Tilea, A. Resceanu, I. Resceanu,

“Mind-changing perspectives on education: A content analysis of young people’s storytelling-based interviews”,

in Analele Universității „Ovidius” Constanța. Seria Filologie, Vol. XXXII, 2/2021, pp. 394-411.

This article addresses the challenge of finding ways to increase young people’s involvement in actions for change regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at regional level. Starting from the research results obtained from the interviews with actively engaged young people from Dolj County (Romania), the authors, researchers from the University of Craiova and members of the Romanian research team, aimed to identify what could stimulate or hinder their engagement. The interviews were transcribed and analysed using open coding and content analysis to delimit elements that could later be used in educating young Mindchangers. Only the elements related to ‘education’ were discussed in detail, with the aim to find out how education could support youth engagement.