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The Impossible Triangle

“The Impossible Triangle” is a sculpture conceived by Mastro Vito, one of the young mindchangers from Associazione DAI!, a partner of the Municipality of Cambiano within the project “Challenges for Youth 2.0.” The artwork aims to trigger a reflection on the imbalance within the present economic and consumption system, serving as a visual warning about the inequalities present in today’s society. During the sculpture’s inauguration on December 2nd, an engaging geocaching game was organized, allowing participants to search for prizes scattered along a route, using their location on Google Maps.

The game, open to all without the need for registration, encouraged participants to explore the city in search of hidden symbols at various spots. During this activity, players were also involved in a participatory waste collection, enriching the treasure hunt with a significant gesture of civic responsibility.

At the end of the day, Master Vito, the game’s creator, awarded the winning teams among those who collected the most trash along the route.

This captivating initiative demonstrated that very little is needed – gloves and collection bags – for preserving a cleaner environment, emphasizing the importance of raising community awareness about responsible waste management.