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G.A.I.A. Climate change and disinformation

Let’s encourage open conversations on climate change issues and misinformation to foster diverse viewpoints and critical thinking!

Active Yourope Association continued their series of workshops organized on topics related to climate change issues, held in partnership with “Horia Vintila” Technological High School in Segarcea and “Constantin Brâncuși” Technological High-school in Craiova, Dolj County.

This time, just before the winter holidays, high-school students took part in the workshop entitled “Climate change and disinformation”, tackling the challenging topic of climate change and the flow of disinformation in online and traditional media. On the one hand, students were introduced into the climate science, including causes, impacts, and the urgency of action. On the other hand, they were given real-life examples and case studies highlighting the effects of climate change globally and locally, as well as practical ways to assess sources of information and identify fake or distorted news. They were also encouraged to take concrete actions to counter climate change and help protect the environment.

The organisers strengthened the idea that with so much conflicting information circulating around us, it is essential to understand the real impacts of climate change and how disinformation can undermine the efforts to deal with this global phenomenon.

The series of workshops has been constantly complemented with periodical posts on social media channels (especially on the project’s Facebook page) with information, definitions and explanations on topics such as CO2 levels, climate feedback loops, cleantech, climate emergency, environmental democracy, climate reparations, greenwashing, among others.

All the activities carried out in the subgranted project GAIA (Green Action Involvement Awareness) implemented by Active Yourope throughout 2023, which will end with a conference on 19 December 2023, were aimed to equip the younger generation with the knowledge and tools to understand the complexities of climate change and how misinformation can hinder progress in addressing it.

More info about the activities carried out within G.A.I.A Green Action Involvement Awareness project can be found here: