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Throwback on Lyon Partners Meeting, from 4th to 6th April 2022

From 4th to 6th April 2022, RESACOOP team welcomed the Mindchangers partners in Lyon, for the first project’s in-person meeting. Because of covid-19, the whole partners team did not meet in person from the start of the project. After the first online part of the meeting, which took place on Zoom in January, Lyons meeting was the opportunity for the partners to pursue the work on plenty of topics.

The programme was dense: each partner had some time to introduce the granted projects from the first call for projects to other partners so that everyone can have a more precise idea of the projects existing in each territory. A whole day was dedicated to the organization of the International Youth Event that will take place in Torino at Autumn 2022, where grantees and youth from all the Regions will meet and have some exchanges about youth engagement, climate change and migrations. Also, partners pursued the work started on the practical guide elaboration, thinking about the right formats to adopt to make the guide as clear as possible. Finally, partners tended to identify the best ways to allow youth and grantees from different countries to build exchanges between them, so that they can take advantage of the great European Mindchangers network.

The Lyons Partners meeting was a very stimulating and rich encounter, and it definitely gave lots of “food for thought” to all the partners of the team for the next steps of the project!