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TikTok, Instagram and Climate Justice!

2nd Capacity Building 2023 in Baden-Württemberg.

Today more then ever, young people are committing their engagement to global justice and the themes of migration and climate change. Their first means of learning about the subject stem mostly from content on digital media outlets, especially social media channels like TikTok and Instagram. In contrast to traditional media outlets, social media requires the consideration of the right formats, algorithms, and daily trends in order to reach the right audience and enhance the success of the content. 

With over 34.000 followers and her experience as a multimedia reporter, journalist, presenter and content creator, our speaker Louisa Schneider is an absolute expert on climate and climate change content on social media.

NGOs and initiatives in BW were introduced to the influence that algorithms and trends have on reaching a broad social media audience. With the right format of content, as well as other factors, our participants learned to run a successful social media campaign and generate more reach for their content.