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Young Ambassadors: influencers for climate change actions

In April and May 2023, Active Yourope Association continued their awareness-raising activities and organized a second workshop on the topic of “Young Ambassadors: influencers for climate change actions” as part of their G.A.I.A Green Action Involvement Awareness project. The workshop targeted this time young participants from „Horia Vintilă” Technological High school in the neighbouring town of Segarcea in Dolj County.

During the workshop, several aspects related to climate change were discussed, with a focus on air quality analysis, carbon footprint, water consumption reduction, as well as on the effects of deforestation, ocean acidity, reduced energy consumption, pollution, greenhouse effects and the consequences of global warming. The activities also included a creative session during which the young ambassadors put their imagination to work and realised drawings and posters with topic-related messages.

The overall aim of these activities was to develop ecological awareness and convince young people to take seriously the fight against climate change by starting their own initiatives and coming up with their own ideas and solutions to the problems of climate change.

More info about the activities carried out within G.A.I.A Green Action Involvement Awareness project can be found here: