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Youth Creates Change in Baden-Württemberg

Eleven innovative Mindchangers projects were selected for the year 2023 in Baden-Württemberg. Global partnerships and exchange, with countries such as Argentina and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are the core of our new Mindchangers projects. In the project “Vivas! Jugendkunstperformance zum Thema Klimawandel” project of EPiZ Reutlingen, for example, young people from Göppingen, Germany and Argentina are processing the consequences of climate change, global responsibility, and climate justice in an artistic video project. With the “MyanmarMobil” of Weitblick Freiburg e. V., “Kultur on Tour” tours through different cities in Baden-Württemberg with a cargo bike and a trailer. Films, lectures and exhibitions about Myanmar are being presented while at the same time addressing our own responsibility on the global impacts of migration and climate change. In Rottenburg, forces of the municipality, youth representatives, the integration council, the university, and young people are being joined in order to develop a sustainable and resource-efficient construction trailer that serves as a meeting point for young people across all social and cultural groups. The project aims at creating a space for a respectful and peaceful get-together and provides offers as well as support for young commitment and engagement.

Rudi Hoogvliet, State Secretary of the State of Baden-Württemberg at the Federal Government, responsible for development policy in the state government, sees the strengthening of young engagement as a central task with regard to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 and the state’s development policy. “We need young people, their creativity, motivation and participation, especially in development policy and international cooperation,” Hoogvliet emphasised. “I am very pleased that many young and engaged people are actively committing to global justice and equality here in Baden-Württemberg.”

The new Mindchangers projects for 2023:

  • Kultur on Tour – MyanmarMobil by Weitblick Freiburg e.V.
  • Ein Bauwagen für alle! by the Youth Department of the City of Rottenburg
  • Talk-ToMe: Generation Weltbürgerinnen – Wir verändern Sichtweisen
    by CaPoA Freiburg e.V.
  • Climate Stories by Fairventures Worldwide FVW gGmbH, Stuttgart
  • Klimakrise vor der Haustür & Lösungen für Morgen by Freundeskreis Nationalpark Schwarzwald e.V., Seebach/Ruhestein
  • Regional Youth Sustainability Lab by Verein der Mongolischen Akademiker e.V., Stuttgart/Schwäbisch Hall
  • Change your Mind – Turn the Tide by Aktion Dritte Welt e.V. / iz3w, Freiburg
  • Vivas! Jugendkunstperformance zum Thema Klimawandel by EPiZ Reutlingen
  • Yes we can Klimaschutz! Junge Migranten machen Klimaschutz (be)greifbar by Uthukumana Afrika e.V., Heidelberg
  • Plastik up, let’s do it! Eine praktische Umsetzung der Agenda 2030
    by Ndwenga e.V., Fellbach
  • Champions for Change by SIMAMA – STEH AUF e.V., Karlsruhe

The projects were reviewed by an independent awarding committee and recommended for funding in the EU project Mindchangers out of a total of 17 applications.