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Sitxeen new projects revamp youth engagement in Piedmont

Sixteen new projects are ready to take off in Piedmont Region.
The results of the “Youth and Agenda 2030” second call for proposal have been announced in December.

This second call renewed the commitment of piedmontese CSOs and LAs towards Mindchangers main objectives. It foresaw an increase in the granted projects passing from the 11 of the first call to the 16 of the second:

13 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)- led projects

3 Local Authorities (LAs)-led projects.

The number of projects reflects also an increase in the number of entities involved, up from 96 to 127, and consequently in the area where the various projects will unfold, which sees the entire region with its eight provinces represented.

The sixteen projects starting in January, will see a total of 79 CSOs and 31 Piedmontese LAs engaging young people on Climate Change and Migration.

The breadth and heterogeneity of partnerships is also a feature of this second call. Ten media partners, one university and eight non-European associations and local authorities (Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine) will take part in the different projects as partners or associates.

To conclude there is a wide representation of COP members with as many as 11 CSOs involved (Cisv, Rete, Gruppo Abele, Apdam, World Friends, Euphemia, Mais, Renken, ProgettoMondo, Cifa, Lvia).

On January 23 COP along with Piedmont has programmed the start-up seminar to officially launch this second round of projects unfolding till the end of December 2023.

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