Dolj County

G.A.I.A. – Green Action Initiative Awareness

G.A.I.A. – Green Action Initiative Awareness project, capitalizes on the importance of a healthy environment through active involvement in actions to protect it. People must be aware and actively contribute to the protection of the environment.Young people need to learn, acquire competence to build inclusive sustainable models of development. Their empowerment as members of our societies is vital for the societal ecosocial transition from a human-centered to an ecosocial focus. From this perspective, it is argued that youth can create and become a positive and dynamic force for SD if they are given the knowledge and opportunities to thrive and be involved in decision-making processes.
The project is coordinated by Asociația Active YOUrope

Cleanup Craiova

The selective collection in Craiova, reported in 2018, is below the national average of 14%. Currentlywe have a 10% rate, which leads to overpopulation of the only landfill in the county.Based on these data we have proposed that through a set of activities we offer an initiative thataddresses the problem of selective collection of the city combined with achieving the targets of SDG 13Climate Change. The project addresses the legislative approach by bringing together through workinggroups and community dialogues representatives fromlocal authorities, experts, citizens and youngpeople.Through the project’s competitions we develop the creative and social skills of young people with anemphasis on cooperation and partnership as the foundation of a society that wants to develop a betterfuture in its communities. By focusing on promoting the SDGs as a way of action in community activitieswe believe that young people will reach the targets of the 2030 Agenda.
The project is coordinated by Junior Chamber International Craiova Association


The promotion of students’ pro-environmental entrepreneurial behaviour is an important aspect in the context of the future ecological transition of European countries and, in particular, of Romania. The importance of this shift towards sustainabie development and green business has been recognised by the European Green Deal Strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. lnvesting in human capitai development through education and training requires stimulating society’s capacity to respond rapidly to changes in society and the labour market.
The project is coordinated by Centrul de Excelentă pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane (CEDRU)