Bormida Valley is a territory that winds and generates along a river. A river that has often had a tragic past, that is now facing a present of renaturalisation and diversity and a future that has to be written/ and a future to write:  Attraverso LaBormida (Through LaBormida: Ecosystems and Changes along the River).  A project of juvenile involvement/participation, care/attention, research and restitution, workshops and paths, proposals and strategies. An active project on environmental awareness, on taking care of the territory and on proposing sustainable development strategies starting from the ecological infrastructure. The proposal looks at the Bormida Valley and the territory of the 9 Municipalities included by the stretch of river that goes from Saliceto to Cortemilia in order to carry out four activities that can encourage the participation of young people and the entire community, promoting awareness and the commitment on the issues of climate change, as well as involving all stakeholders interested in the initiative. Learn more about the organization online: City of Gorzegno
The project aims to raise awareness among young people on climate change issues, addressing its causes and risks. The name chosen demonstrates that the goal is to supply “weapons”— i.e. tools — to take up the fight against climate change. The project begins as a game and moves toward the civic and political activation of young people. Symbolically, with events and flash mobs, we arm young people with “seed bombs” to be thrown onto land or boxes designed to thicken urban vegetation and increase pollination by bees. In addition, young people will take part in a giant parlor game aimed at protecting planetary biodiversity. Finally, the photo exhibit and the reportage made in Senegal will present scientific information on the impacts of climate change on the Earth and highlight the interconnections between the global North and South and the relationship between climate change and increasing malnutrition. Learn more about the organization online: NUTRI AID
Circular Neighborhood – Young protagonists of change, activates a twin path that encourages comparison and exchange between young Italian and Senegalese eco-citizens, who live in the peripheral areas of the cities of Turin and Mbao, south of Dakar. The young people become protagonists in their neighborhood, multipliers and innovators of actions for climate and sustainability. They meet with political decision-makers with whom they can initiate a dialogue by submitting concrete proposals for the sustainability of their neighborhood. They analyze their territory, design and disseminate tokenization mechanisms to help citizens orient themselves towards sustainable consumption choices. Between Turin and Mbao, young people play a fundamental role for change, contributing to the transition towards a “new global humanism”. Learn more about the organization online: LVIA

Fair Trade for Future. Information and awareness are essential to fight climate changes. It is also essential to act concretely. Fair Trade fo Future offers an alternative, demonstrating that it an economy that puts people and planet first is possible. 

The project involves young people, through the knowledge of the 2030 Agenda and the proposal of Fair Trade. 

At the same time, Fair Trade Towns campaign aims at innovating the strategies of Local Authorities, encouraging the transition from protest (Fridays for Future) to action (Fair Trade for Future).

Learn more about the organization online: COOPERATIVA SOCIALE LIBERO MONDO

SEMI Stories, Education, Migration and Commitment aims to strengthen and improve citizens’ awareness on the different causes of migratory phenomena, with an analytical approach based on people’s rights and on their individual histories. 

Through workshops, a communication campaign and webinairs with young communicators and journalists, the purpose is to promote an adequate, inclusive, non-discriminatory and responsible communication. 

The project is promoted by Engim, a NGO that works in the fields of vocational training, international cooperation, volunteering and global citizenship education.

Learn more about the organization online: ENGIM

NAME CLIMATE CHANGE aims to give a face to climate change, telling its effects on people’s lives with images and video testimonies that go straight to the heart of citizens, to stimulate their action towards respect for the environment and the welcoming of migrants. 

It will show how climate and environmental changes are amongst the causes that bring people to flee from inhospitable habitats and migrate elsewhere.  

At the same time, it will talk about how Its effects concern every part of our planet, from the most distant countries to our countryside and cities. 

The project emphasizes our interconnection and involvement in taking care of our environment and respecting the other’s life stories. 

20 young people will be protagonists in the creation of a reportage exhibition, which will circulate in the Province of Alessandria and abroad.

Learn more about the organization online: APS CAMBALACHE

“What about Young – L’attualità che ci coinvolge” aims at raising awareness among young people about climate change and the many connections between this issue and our lives. 

Through a podcast and in-depth meetings, the project aims to introduce young people to the communities active in the area, to learn good practices both on an individual and collective level and to address issues such as the situation in the suburbs, mobility, consumerism, work and migration, from an environmental perspective.

Learn more about the organization online: ASC PIEMONTE

“DoughnuTo” aims to raise awareness among Turin young citizens on climate change and SDGs, and then involve them in the creation of proposals for the future of the city on the model of the Doughnut City.

The project includes education activities on world citizenship and sustainability through:

  • -a fixed animation kit and a traveling one;
  • digital animation activities;
  • a communication campaign;
  • a photo-contest;
  • 10 world cafes, to train young people on specific topics and develop with them “The Decalogue of sustainability”

At the end of the project, youth proposals will be presented to political decision-makers and citizens.

Learn more about the organization online: ACMOS

Challenges for Youth aims to engage a team of under 35 youth in high-impact initiatives linked to the Agenda 2030 by unfolding actions throughout the area of Santena and neighboring municipalities. 

The focal point will be Goal 12 of the UN Agenda, in order to give concrete implementation to the transition to a circular economy by eliminating waste, raising awareness of the culture of recycling, reuse and waste reduction.

Taking inspiration from the plastic recycling project carried out in Ethiopia by Cifa for Children ONG, the project unfolds the following activities: a workshop for the reuse of plastic materials, the Pianalto Plastic Free campaign for the collection of abandoned waste, video spots of good practices and numerous awareness-raising events for children, young people and adults.

Learn more about the organization online: CITY OF SANTENA

The project “L’Agenda in Viaggio. Per le persone. Per il pianeta. Senza confini” supports the awareness of the target groups – 15-17 y/o and 18-35 y/o – on the SDGs n°10 and n°13 through training meetings. 

This formation plan will lead young people to the creation of a garden “Giardino dei Giusti”, to the experiential journey in Calabria Region, in the Villaggio Globale of Riace town and finally to a virtual exchange of learning and good practices with the young people of Niaga Peulh (Senegal).

Learn more about the organization online: CITY OF NICHELINO

ReSOILence” is aimed at spreading regenerative agriculture practices as a solution to climate change in the city of Cirié.

The project let younger people lead the revolution: a generation that will be harshly affected by climate change but having at the same time a chance to trigger a disruptive leap. 

The change is possible on one hand by awareness activities and workshops for young students between 15 and 19 years old and on the other hand by the Regenerative Center, a plot of land destined to field testing by young farmers (under 35).

Learn more about the organization online: CITY OF CIRIÈ