A project run by Centre culturel Wolubilis and Modul. 

“Rare birds” is an invitation sent to Brussels teenagers, including “Unaccompanied Foreign Minors”, to create a theatrical project that will pay homage to the beauty, vitality and incredible roots at the origin of every story; to question their need and capacity to fly away and rediscover enchantment; to become the actors of their own metamorphosis, a mirror of a possible metamorphosis of the world; to reveal the “rare birds” that they are.

Accompanied by four professional performers, a composer, a costume designer, a choreographer and a sound engineer, they will be invited to use various media and artistic techniques to weave narrative kaleidoscopes that speak of real or imaginary birds, of migrations, of songs, of rebirth and ingenuity.

More information:
Website – https://www.wolubilis.be/a-faire/atelier-creatif-ados-les-oiseaux-rares-2021-2022-725/

A project run by Diogène and Geopolis.

“Young People’s Voice” is a communication programme that offers young people the opportunity to express their vision of the future and their proposals for a sustainable environment, through radio and audio-visual programmes in which they are the main protagonists.

The project provides creative communication tools and training to enable young people to acquire new skills on how to address the key objectives defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in an analytical and constructive manner.

For the first time, young people will have a permanent voice in major public media through programmes they themselves design and produce.

By giving the youth an active role and high visibility, the project wants to encourage them to become meaningful actors of sustainable environment, as well as active and responsible citizens.

The group of participants’ composition will reflect Brussels’ cultural mosaic – the most cosmopolitan city in Europe – and will thus encourage the emergence of a message promoting interculturality and the art of living together.

More information:
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/MilleniumFilmFestival/
Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1234178813738580/?active_tab=about

A project run by Autre Terre and La Compagnie Buissonnière.

The project is a collaboration between Autre Terre, an NGO active in Education for Global Citizenship and Solidarity, and the Compagnie Buissonnière, a “theatre-action” company.

The aim is to raise awareness, mobilise and support groups of young people in creating a theatrical performance on the theme of climate change and agro-ecology.

The youth will present their production in front of the public in the autumn of 2022.

Autre Terre will raise awareness among young people through activities, participatory work camps, meetings with Belgian farmers, etc. 

The Compagnie Buissonnière will take care of the theatrical aspects. Over the course of the year, a link will also be established with an association Burkina Faso also active in “action-theatre”.

More information:
Website – https://www.autreterre.org/

A project run by AMO Reliance and the Institut de Recherche, de Formation et d’Action sur les Migrations.

The project will revolve around collaborative work between different partners from the field of sustainable development and migration. 

Young people are an integral part of this collaboration since they are the ones who will play the main part in disseminating and implementing mobilizing, innovative and inclusive initiatives in favour of climate and migration.

Through a snowball effect, these newly trained young people (in particular through permanent education workshops in the neighbourhoods, participatory organic farming projects, etc.) will train others, thus representing a youth force for change and solidarity.

Summaries, press releases and video clips representing the activities will be prepared in order to promote the project beyond borders.

More information:

A project run by Centre d’Information et d’Education Populaire du Hainaut Occidental and Infor Jeunes Tournai Centre.

The project mobilises 10 to 15 young people from different backgrounds around issues related to the climate crisis.

They will organise eight awareness-raising meetings open to the public with guests from different fields: experts on energy issues, groups committed to biodiversity, partners from the global south, etc.

All those actors will then reflect together on possible courses of action and local alternatives.

Promising and feasible ideas will be put into practice. Media materials will be produced to ensure the replicability and promotion of the project.

The project will culminate in a festive event, during which the solutions to the problems encountered will be implemented, tested and debated.

More information:
TBC – website construction part of the project

A project run by Maison verte et Bleue and Cultureghem.

The project wants to bring together different groups of young people from the Brussels Region in the same vegetable garden, in order to pass on knowledge and skills on sustainable food, from a practical and local perspective (permaculture gardening techniques), but also from a theoretical and global perspective (looking at the challenges of sustainable food on a global scale).

By relying on the tools and philosophy of permaculture to build group dynamics, the project wants to transmit civic values to the youth: respect for others, learning to work together despite differences, understanding the strengths of each person and making the most of them, finding local solutions to global changes, developing a critical analysis of the challenges of sustainable food on a local and global scale.

More information:
Website – https://mvb.brussels/
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/maisonverteetbleue/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/maisonverteetbleue/

A project run by Promotion & Culture and AMO Droit des jeunes.

Initially, Friskot is a “kot-à-projet” (Belgian student housing revolving around specific activities) in which 8 students from different countries live, and whose main project is the provision of a solidarity fridge. 

Anyone can come and bring or look for food free of charge and without any conditions, during the opening hours.

Today, the project goes further and wishes to impulse a real dynamic in the neighbourhood where it is located, while creating synergies between different associations in Liège, and also by creating a real meeting place for people who would not have met otherwise.

The project is therefore now part of a solidarity grocery shop design centred on a system of donation and redistribution of food and non-food products.

It aims to be a place of exchange for both material and intangible donations, of creation of social links where activities around themes related to solidarity and the fight against food waste would be organised.

More information:
Website – https://www.fgtb-liege.be/kot/
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/FriskotLg
Instagram – friskot_liege

A project run by Maison du Développement Durable, the city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve and Computer Science and IT in Education.

The DigiScope project wants to get young people to question their use of digital technology and the impacts it has on the environment and the climate, as well as on health, well-being, biodiversity, etc.

To help them in their reflection, the youth will be assisted by facilitators and experts from several fields (technology, health, psychology, etc.) during workshops. 

Students in computer science and electronics (aged 19-24) will also be involved in the project, in order to explore the opportunities of developing sustainable and environmentally friendly digital technologies, in relation to the needs identified by the young people.

At the end of the project, resources to organise activities that stimulate such reflections (in the form of educational and communication kits) will be created and made available to as many people as possible.

More information:
Website – https://www.digi-scope.be
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/digiscope.be
Instagram – https://instagram.com/digiscope.be

A project run by Eclosio and A’ccord d’Ebène.

The project will train relay-students on the topics of migration and interculturality so that they can produce an awareness-raising message for their peers, the academic community and the population of Liège in favour of a more inclusive society.

The project will be carried out in four phases:

  1.  a recruitment phase for the students who will form this relay group; 
  2.  a phase of cultural training workshops on the topics of migration and interculturality; 
  3.  a phase of co-creation of awareness-raising tools, including a magazine, a video, a street animation, a plea and a communication campaign; 
  4.  a phase of dissemination of these different tools.

More information:
Website –https://www.eclosio.ong/event/students-mindchangers/
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/EclosioBE

A project run by Maison des jeunes de Chiny Florenville, city of Florenville, Centre Régional d’Intégration pour les personnes étrangères et d’origine étrangère and Parc naturel de Gaume.

Three young rural teams, with a mix of local and migratory backgrounds, contribute to solving each one, with a public impact, a concrete and unsatisfactory situation that they identify among the climatic challenges in their context of emergency of world solidarity. 

They will be supported by a team of professionals engaged in an experienced and enthusiastic associative partnership.

To this end, they inform themselves, train and consult each other, concretise their action during residential stays and contribute to public events: mobilisation, meetings dedicated to vectors of communication, bicycle rally, “slow” festival.

Exchanges with other parts of the world will confirm that it is indeed young people who hold the key to a better world.

More information:
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/leclimatchange
Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/471058103997383